Brand new virus RootBoot.SureBurn.Perma has proved impossible to remove for now.


If anybody has any solutions, please let me know by posting in the comment section!

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Online Safety Tips for Kids and Parents

If you’re a parent who is concerned about your child’s safety on the Internet, then here are a few tips to help you lookout for your kid’s welfare. It should be noted that the Internet and the computer are just tools. Tools can be used to benefit people and at times they can be used as instruments of abuse. You’ll find the online safety tips below to be quite practical and readily usable.

Regulate Which Web Sites Your Kids Can Visit

Parents should note that not all the content on the Internet is appropriate for kids. This first online safety tip is very important for all kids. Parents can have a sincere talk with their kids regarding the many different sites on the Internet. The discussion should also include an agreement between parent and child that specifically states what sites the children are allowed to view and which ones are not allowed.

During this discussion, the parents can also explain why mommy and daddy have installed parental control software on the computer. They should also explain why this software prevents them from opening every web site on the Internet.

Stay Away from Chat Rooms

Younger children should be kept away from chat rooms especially the ones that aren’t monitored. This is one of the critical online safety tips you’ll see anywhere. It is a fact that chat rooms can easily become the playground of online predators. Parents should set up strict rules and install parental controls that would block the access of young children to these sites.

The older teens may be allowed to use them but parents should still know which chat rooms they use and their use of these services should be approved by the parents. It is a fact that unless you really know who is the owner of an account, you never really know who is typing the words you see on the screen. Chat rooms can turn into a dangerous place for kids especially the ones that allow any form of sexual discussions.

Mind Where You Place the Family Computer

Children can be tempted to do something prohibited when no one is looking. This is why the computer should be placed in a very public area in the house. A computer in the child’s room is a good way to spell disaster. The family computer should be placed in an area in the house where there’s usually someone in there. The computer screen should be easily visible to anyone in the room.

Specify Guidelines for Social Networking

Social networking may be seen by adults as a big waste of time but kids but kids definitely love it. One of the most important online safety tips out there is for parents to set up specific rules and guidelines for kids who use social networking services. Parents should have access to the children’s accounts if not owning an account themselves. Younger children may not be allowed to use the services of these sites but it will be up to the discretion of parents to prohibit such use.

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